We depend solely on your support

You can help us in these ways:

Food Donations: We depend on donations of non-perishable food to supplement our food from the food bank.

Monetary Donations: Every dollar we receive goes straight into action to help the lives of those less fortunate. Food purchased from our Regional Food Bank costs roughly 8 to 10 cents per pound. Because of this low cost, monetary donations go MUCH further to help support those who need help. All donations are tax deductible.

Volunteer: We depend on volunteers to operate our ministry. We utilize volunteers to greet clients, process in-take, and serve as personal food shoppers. We also organize special workdays with groups of volunteers to restock food, organize paperwork, clean and prepare for Thursday distribution. There are no special skills required and everyone can help.

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Sponsor Food Drives: If your group (boy scouts, church, business or other local organization) would like to sponsor or run a food drive, please contact us by email or call us at (405) 341-1353